Puppets, DIY and Fmly!

July 2, 2013
The next few days are jam-packed with radness here at the Center!  Check out tomorrow's experimental adult puppet show, and Friday's festival of DIY collectives--


Jawbone Puppet Theater is a quirky, potty-mouthed, father-son act from
Brooklyn, NY, by way of Taiwan.  Poncili Company is a mysterious
experimental art collective from Puerto Rico.  After the success of
our winter tour, "Dinosaur Saints & Humble Robots," which you can
check out here:


we have joined forces once again, to bring you:
        SACRED CANDY:  an adult puppet extravaganza

Puppets.  Big masks.  Physical theater.

Including the short masterpiece "Fire Hydrant Woman gets Tooken Away," written, designed and directed by the 5-year-old, which culminates in a disemboweled t-rex spewing guts and candies, the show quickly spirals into madness, as a clueless girl meets the world through the eyes of Candywoot, a schizophrenic clown obsessed with the reality of a near, but bizarre, dystopian future, while a man with a bad leg tries to make his way home, and everybody prays to the holy mutant cow in hopes of ending their addiction to candy.  Babies will cry, and monsters will lose their shape no matter how many eyes you have to see them.  And as if that weren't enough, our potty-mouthed biblical scholar will regale you with the story of "Genesis, Chapter 38," a funny, dirty retelling of one of the weirder Bible stories.  Be forewarned:  this show contains scenes of graphic puppet on puppet sex--get a babysitter, and leave the kids at home!

7-8 p.m.
$10 Suggested Donation--but no one will be turned away!


2-3 :: sound electronics [a music & circuitry workshop]
3-4 :: what are freeskools? [by: the greater boston freeskool]
4-5 :: safer spaces safer shows [by: support boston]
5-6 :: dinner break
6-7 :: media open editorial meeting [by: the media]
7-8 :: history of papercut [by: papercut zine library]
8-9:30 :: presentations from various east coast diy collectives
9:30-10 :: chalk it up! [a chalk making workshop]
10-11 :: craft night!

fmly fest is a collective celebration of the global fmly community. planned throughout a series of public meeting workshops, fmly fest is the expression of a horizontally structured, mutually supportive collective enthusiastic about supporting community-oriented arts which orbit positive themes of social, environmental, and political sustainability. basically, our fest provides the opportunity for collectives to collaboratively engage with an international community and articulate the honest passions that make us feel alive in our environments. never forget: treat everywhere we go as our home and everyone we meet as fmly.

fmly fest has taken form in los angeles, orlando, brooklyn, and in the summer of 2012 inspired a cross country caravan. we are proud to have shared the doings of incredible humans from japan, china, south america, mexico, europe, australia, the united states, philippines, and various regions of africa. and finally, thanks to the power of green la, fmly fest 2011 became the world’s first truly independent, solar powered music festival. we operate with no budget and appreciate every bit of support, this is all possible because of you.

"action is the product of the qualities inherent in nature. it is only the ignorant human who, misled by personal egotism, says: 'i am the doer.'"