Film Premier and National Speaker--Fall Events at the Dem Center!

October 17, 2013

This fall, we're featuring events focusing on women war veterans, permaculture, solidarity economies, and more--and they're all FREE, including the film premier this Saturday!:

Women account for roughly 14 percent of the active-duty U.S. military and more than 24 percent of the National Guard, yet they often receive less than a hero's welcome upon their return to civilian life. Many face poverty, homelessness and joblessness; deal with the psychological and physiological effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from military sexual trauma and combat-related injuries; and often receive poor service from a Veterans Administration ill-equipped and, in some cases, unwilling to help them. The Emmy®-nominated documentary WAR ZONE/COMFORT ZONE uncovers the plight of these veterans through the intense and personal stories of four women veterans coping with life after their military service. Each seeks a sense of normalcy and peace without the benefit of a comprehensive support system. WAR ZONE/COMFORT ZONE weaves together intimate interviews with the story of two women — Shalini Madaras and Joy Kiss — struggling to establish transitional housing for homeless female veterans in Bridgeport, Connecticut, despite virulent community opposition.

Then join us on Sat, Nov. 2nd for a talk with permaculturist Jan Spencer on how he transformed his yard into a sustainable haven, and his neighborhood along with it!

Hope to see you there!