August Accessibility Update

August 4, 2017

We know many of you have been following along on instagram, and we want to give a fuller update here! As planned, we began construction of a wheelchair access ramp to the DeWolfe St side of the building last month. As of today, the bulk of the project is completed! We must still install galvanized steel handrails and the automatic door opener with lock system. Those key pieces should be completed, and the entire apparatus functional, by the end of August 2017

The Mandela, Parks, and Chavez rooms and foyer are most easily accessed by wheelchair users through the French doors between rooms. The Malala Yousafzai Library door is 30” wide, and furniture arrangement will be improved soon. Sadly, the bathroom is not wheelchair accessible. The internal hallways vary between 27” to 31” wide. The bathroom door is 30” wide and there is not sufficient clearance to turn around for many users. As of this writing, there are no grabrails or other aids. We are working on plans for improvement and will keep the community updated through this blog, social media, and email. In the meantime, our gracious neighbors at Daedalus welcome wheelchair users at our events to use their accessible bathroom. This can be accessed by exiting the wheelchair, turning left onto Bow St, and then left into the next building past the DC. The accessible bathroom will be on your right. We recognize this option is not sufficient or in line with our values, and we hope it meets disabled community members' needs in this interim period.

You can also check out the page on accessibility on this website. As always, feel free to contact or 617 492 8855 to discuss your accessibility needs, our plans for improvement, or more detailed information. Please keep in mind that we do not handle event logistics beyond booking, and do not handle ticketing unless we are specifically co-sponsoring that event.